Hi this is mamatha ,I started my career through v -pact. I am very thankful to you mam, your providing good service to women.

-- Mamatha

I have come across about your organization
recently and your work is quite appreciable.

-- SumaPallavi

Its Really Amazing work what you’re doing

-- Hemavathi

Its been great start up. Thank you.

-- Sharawathi

Respected Madam, I am happy to know about your aspirations and concern about the working women and your goals. I hope that you will succeed in your efforts and v- pact will be a great concern and provide employment opportunities to more women who are in need. I wish that your.concern will be a good social enterprising firm. Thank you.


First of all, want to let you know that I came to know about this organisation just a few seconds ago while I was going though eenadu.net and i am writing this email to appreciate your successful attempt to resolve a most common issue that women face in their travel of empowerment.

People say, being a woman is generally accomplished only by Motherhood. But this motherhood should not be the cause for their loss of what they have achieved earlier in life in terms of identity in family or in society.

The most beautiful thing I have never seen was your interference in checking the validity/eligibility on both sides - recruiters and aspirants. This is indeed a concept where both of them get utmost benefit.

I was going through your website and would try to suggest this to the people around me, as it is good to spread good...

-- Phani Kumar Kota

Dear V-Pact Team, I would like take a moment and thank you for creating an amazing platform for job opportunities, especially for women like me who are looking for Suitable Job. I have used this platform last month and now and I have gotten some great career advice over here.

-- Rachana

Hi I am swathi I am really happy that i have found a job that I am looking for through V-Pact and that i have kick started my career i have experience in Teaching but now I am in the HR side for V-Pact.

-- Swathi